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girl holds a metallic olive green knitted clutch bag
girl wears handmade beaded jewels made of semiprecious stones
girl holding handmade bead elements



Break Free

It’s a new dawn! With the city hitting play mode in the sunny days, Senhandmade brings the collective spirit of optimism, joy and liberation to its vibrant new collection. *** Είναι μια νέα αυγή, ένα νέο ξεκίνημα! Με την πόλη να ετοιμάζεται να υποδεχτεί τις ηλιόλουστες καλοκαιρινές ημέρες, η Senhandmade μας μεταφέρει το συλλογικό πνεύμα [...]

Let your Cosmic Nature Glow

All things mystical and divine come together in the Cosmic Collection. We've always looked to the stars for answers and we always will. Star signs mark a moment in time, in space, within the vastness of the cosmos. More than a tribute to zodiac signs, this collection reflects the bonds between the universe and ourselves. [...]

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